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Hypertonia is a term sometimes used synonymously with spasticity in the literature surrounding damage to the central nervous system, namely upper motor brain lesions 1).

Spasticity is a feature of altered skeletal muscle performance in muscle tone involving hypertonia; it is also referred to as an unusual “tightness”, stiffness, or “pull” of muscles. The word spasm comes from the Greek word σπασμός (spasmos), meaning “drawing, pulling.” Clinically spasticity is defined as velocity-dependent resistance to stretch, where a lack of inhibition results in excessive contraction of the muscles, ultimately leading to hyperflexia (overly flexed joints).

Intrathecal baclofen (ITB) pump is a therapeutic option for persistent vegetative state and minimal conscious state patients that have associated spasticity.

Children with cerebral palsy (CP) can present with severe secondary dystonia with or without associated spasticity of their extremities.



Neurosurgery for Spasticity: A Multidisciplinary Approach Yves Keravel


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