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Sphenopetroclival meningioma

Surgical method

see Kawase approach.

A report presents a new surgical method and the results in 10 patients with petroclival meningiomas extending into the parasellar region (sphenopetroclival meningiomas). Minimal but effective extradural resection of the anterior petrous bone via a middle fossa craniotomy offered a direct view of the clival area with preservation of the temporal bridging veins and cochlear organs. The dural incision was extended anteriorly to Meckel's cave, and in cases with invasion of the cavernous sinus, Parkinson's triangle was enlarged by mobilization of the trigeminal nerve. This approach offered an excellent view from the mid-clivus to the cavernous sinus. Extra-as well as intradural tumor masses and dural attachments could be cleared under direct view of the pontine surface. The risk of injury to the lower cranial nerve and of retraction damage to the temporal lobe and brain stem were kept minimal by this approach. Total tumor resection was achieved in 7 patients, with no resultant mortality. Eight patients had a satisfactory postsurgical course, extraocular paresis being their main complaint. The extent of tumor resection depended on the degree of tumor adhesion to the carotid artery, and operative morbidity on the degree of tumor invasion of the brain stem. Of the 3 patients in whom subtotal tumor removal was achieved, only one experienced regrowth of the tumor and underwent a second operation during the follow-up period (6 months-6 years) 1).

Kawase T, Shiobara R, Toya S. Anterior transpetrosal-transtentorial approach for sphenopetroclival meningiomas: surgical method and results in 10 patients. Neurosurgery. 1991 Jun;28(6):869-75; discussion 875-6. PubMed PMID: 2067611.
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