Department of Neurosurgery Stanford University, California.

Hospital and Clinics (Palo Alto, Calif.).

The Stanford Brain Tumor Center touts the latest chemotherapy and immunotherapy protocols and a premier radiosurgery program. Stanford is the original site where John Adler, MD, developed the CyberKnife and where it was first used on a patient in 1994. To date, the center has treated 5,500 patients via CyberKnife. U.S. News & World Report recognized Stanford's neurosurgery program as 31st in the nation.

In April 2013, Stanford launched its Neuro Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Neuro-NICU), which is housed within the Level III Intensive Care Nursery at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

Meola A, Chang SD. Letter: Navigation-Linked Heads-Up Display in Intracranial Surgery: Early Experience. Oper Neurosurg (Hagerstown). 2018 Mar 23. doi: 10.1093/ons/opy048. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 29590481.

Adamson, Maheen, MD, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor

Adler, John, MD, Professor, Emeritus

Bhati, Mahendra, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Joint Appointment

Buckwalter, Marion, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Joint Appointment

Chan, Pak, PhD, Professor, Emeritus

Chang, Steven D., MD, Professor

Chaudhary, Navjot, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Chen, Lu, PhD, Professor

Cheshier, Samuel, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Chichilnisky, E.J., PhD, Professor

Chopko, Bohdan, MD, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor

Creasey, Graham, MD, Professor

Desai, Atman, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Ding, Jun, PhD, Professor

Dodd, Robert, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Doty, James, MD, Clinical Professor

Edwards, Michael S.B., MD, Professor

Ghajar, Jamshid, MD, PhD, Clinical Professor

Grant, Gerald, MD, Associate Professor

Han, Seongmin (Summer), PhD, Assistant Professor

Halpern, Casey, MD, Assistant Professor

Harraher, Ciara, MD, MPH, Clinical Associate Professor

Harris, Odette, MD, MPH, Associate Professor

Harsh, Griffith, MD, MBA, Professor

Hayden, Gephart, Melanie, MD, MAS, Assistant Professor

Henderson, Jaimie, MD, Professor

Hong, David, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Huguenard, John, PhD, Professor, Joint Appointment

Katznelson, Laurence, MD, Professor

Lee, Marco, MD, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor

Lee, Jin, PhD, Assistant Professor, Joint Appointment

Li, Gordon, MD, Associate Professor

Lifshutz, Jason, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Little, Jessica, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Murovic, Judith, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Nuyujukian, Paul, MD, Assistant Professor, Joint Appointment

Palmer, Theo, PhD, Associate Professor

Park, Jon, MD, Associate Professor

Peoples, Randal, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Plant, Giles, PhD, Associate Professor

Ratliff, John, MD, Associate Professor

Sapolsky, Robert, PhD, Professor, Joint Appointment

Scherrer, Gregory, PhD, Assistant Professor, Joint Appointment

Shamloo, Mehrdad, PhD, Associate Professor

Shuer, Lawrence, MD, Professor

Skirboll, Stephen, MD, Associate Professor

Singh, Harminder, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Soltesz, Ivan, PhD, Professor

Steinberg, Gary, MD, PhD, Professor

Sudhof, Thomas, MD, Professor, Joint Appointment

Tass, Peter, MD, PhD, Professor

Tharin, Suzanne, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Wang, Xinnan, PhD, Assistant Professor

Wong, Albert, MD, Professor

Zhao, Heng, PhD, Associate Professor

see Stanford Publications.

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