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Stereotactic surgery indications

1. Stereotactic biopsy indications

2. Stereotactic catheter placement

3. Stereotactic electrode placement

4. lesion generation

a) movement disorders: Parkinsonism, dystonia, hemiballismus

b) treatment of chronic pain

c) treatment of epilepsy (rarely used)

5. evacuation of intracerebral hemorrhage

a) using an Archimedes’ screw device

b) with adjunctive urokinase or recombinant human tissue plasminogen activator

6. Stereotactic radiosurgery

7. to localize a lesion for open craniotomy (e.g. AVM, deep tumor)

a) using a ventricular catheter

b) using a blunt biopsy needle or introducer

c) systems using visible light laser beam for guidance

8. transoral biopsy of C2 (axis) vertebral body lesions

9. “experimental” or unconventional application

a) stereotactic clipping of aneurysms

b) stereotactic laser surgery

c) CNS transplantation: e.g. for Parkinsonism

d) foreign body removal

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