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Stroke outcome

Stroke remains the second leading cause of death worldwide.

A bursting inflammation has been observed that compromises neurologic function in patients who experience stroke.

A common complication after stroke is development of Cognitive disorder and dementia.

Stroke is deemed a worldwide leading cause of neurological disability and death.

Stroke causes life long disabilities where few therapeutic options are available. Using electrical and magnetic stimulation of the brain and physical rehabilitation, recovery of brain function can be enhanced even late after stroke.

see Stroke biomarker.

Stroke center volumes significantly influence efficiency and outcomes in mechanical thrombectomy 1).

Higher BP within the first 24 hours after successful mechanical thrombectomy was associated with a higher likelihood of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage, mortality, and requiring hemicraniectomy 2).

Among young adults aged 18 to 49 years in the Netherlands who were 30-day survivors of first stroke, mortality risk compared with the general population remained elevated up to 15 years later 3).

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