Subdural hygroma

see Intracranial subdural hygroma.

see Traumatic subdural hygroma.

see Spinal subdural hygroma.

Idiopathic: in pediatric patients.

A 2-year-old boy with lobar holoprosencephaly presented with subdural hygroma following head trauma. C. jejuni infection was confirmed from a subdural hygroma sample by culture as well as by DNA sequencing of a broad range 16S rDNA PCR product. Cerebrospinal fluid from the ventriculoperitoneal shunt remained sterile. Combined neurosurgical and antimicrobial treatment led to complete recovery. Review of the literature showed that the most common manifestation of Campylobacter central nervous system infection is meningitis, mostly in neonates, and subdural hygroma infection was described in only one case.

Subdural hygroma infection caused by C. jejuni is a rare clinical condition in children. Molecular methods represent an important tool for the detection of rare or unexpected pathogens. No standard recommendations for antimicrobial treatment of C. jejuni subdural space infection in children are available, but meropenem treatment combined with surgery seems to be an effective approach 1).

A minor head injury can cause traumatic subdural effusion in a child. They often present to pediatric emergencies initially, and there is a delayed referral to neurosurgery. In the emergency room, they should undergo subdural effusion needle aspiration, which can result in an immediate improvement in GCS 2).

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