Depression or fissure in the surface of the brain. It surrounds the gyri, creating the characteristic appearance of the brain.

The brain sulci constitute the main microanatomic delimiting landmarks and surgical corridors of modern microneurosurgery. Because of the frequent difficulty in intraoperatively localizing and visually identifying the brain sulci with assurance.

Ono M, Kubik S, Abernathey CD. Atlas of cerebral sulci. Stuttgart: Thieme; 1990

Calcarine sulcus

Central sulcus

Central sulcus of insula

Cingulate sulcus

Circular sulcus of insula

Collateral sulcus

Fimbrodentate sulcus

Hippocampal sulcus

Inferior frontal sulcus

Inferior temporal sulcus

Intermammary sulcus

Intraparietal sulcus

Lateral sulcus

Lunate sulcus

Occipitotemporal sulcus

Olfactory sulcus

Paracentral sulcus

Parietooccipital sulcus

Postcentral sulcus

Precentral sulcus

Rhinal sulcus

Subparietal sulcus

Sulcus of corpus callosum

Superior frontal sulcus

Superior temporal sulcus

Transverse occipital sulcus

Transverse temporal sulcus.

The inclusion of sulci in future finite element analysis (FEA) for the brain is strongly advised, especially for models used to investigate space-occupying lesions.

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