Suzuki staging

Suzuki and Takaku first described moyamoya and its staging in 1969 1).

Stage I “narrowing of the carotid fork” * narrowed ICA bifurcation

Stage II “initiation of the moyamoya” dilated ACA, MCA and narrowed ICA bifurcation with moyamoya change

Stage III “intensification of the moyamoya” further increase in moyamoya change of the ICA birfurcation and narrowed ACA and MCA

Stage IV “minimization of the moyamoya” moyamoya change reducing with occlusive changes in ICA and tenuous ACA and MCA

Stage V “reduction of the moyamoya” further decrease in moyamoya change with occlusion of ICA, ACA and MCA

Stage VI “disappearance of the moyamoya” ICA essentially disappeared with supply of brain from ECA

* the description in inverted commas is that of Suzuki in the original paper.

Suzuki J, Takaku A. Cerebrovascular “moyamoya” disease. Disease showing abnormal net-like vessels in base of brain. Arch Neurol. 1969 Mar;20(3):288-99. doi: 10.1001/archneur.1969.00480090076012. PMID: 5775283.
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