This is a human cell line with hyperpentaploid chromosome count. The modal chromosome number should be around 128 to 132. The rate of cells with higher ploidies was 1.39%. Fourteen to 16 marker chromosomes were common to most cells. They were: der(1)t(1;?) (p36;?), i(6p), der(10)t(10;?) (q24;?), der (19)t(19;?) (q13;?), der(15)t(15;?) (q26?;?), minute metacentric and eight to ten others. Most of these structurally altered markers had complex interchromosomal exchanges. The der(10) and der(19) could be formed from a balanced translocation, i.e., t(10;19) (q24;q13). These two markers and the minute metacentric were present in three or more copies in most cells. There were six or more copies for N5, N7, N11, N13, N20, N21, and N22 in most cells. The X and N15 had only one copy. Clinical Data 61 years Caucasian male

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