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Telomere binding protein

Telomere-binding proteins (also known as TERF, TRBF, TRF) function to bind telomeric DNA in various species. In particular, telomere-binding protein refers to TTAGGG repeat binding factor-1 (TRF1) and TTAGGG repeat binding factor-2 (TRF2).

Telomere sequences in humans are composed of TTAGGG sequences which provide protection and replication of chromosome ends to prevent degradation. Telomere-binding proteins can generate a T-loop to protect chromosome ends.

TRFs are double-stranded proteins which are known to induce bending, looping, and pairing of DNA which aids in the formation of T-loops. They directly bind to TTAGGG repeat sequence in the DNA.

There are also subtelomeric regions present for regulation. However, in humans, there are six subunits forming a complex known as shelterin.

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