Thoracic disc herniation

● comprise only 0.25% of disc herniations, and < 4% of operations for herniated disc

● usually occur at or below T8 (the more mobile portion of the thoracic spine)

● frequently calcified ∴ get CT through the disc (may affect the choice of surgical approach)

● primary indications for surgery: refractory pain, progressive myelopathy

● surgical treatment: laminectomy is usually not appropriate for midline or calcified discs

Thoracic disc herniation epidemiology.

Some are calcified or ossified, impinging on the anterior aspect of the thecal sac. These hard herniated discs are often voluminous and adherent to the thecal sac.

see Thoracic hard disc herniation.

see Thoracolumbar disc herniation.

The sequelae of Scheuermann’s disease probably contribute to the development of symptoms 1) 2) 3) 4).

see Thoracic disc herniation clinical features.

see Thoracic disc herniation diagnosis.

see Thoracic disc herniation treatment.

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see Thoracic disc herniation case reports.

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