Thoracolumbar injury classification and severity score

The thoracolumbar injury classification and severity score (TLICS) has been developed to overcome some of the perceived difficulties regarding the use of other thoracolumbar spine fracture classification systems for determining thoracolumbar fracture treatment.

The classification score is based on three major categories, known as parameters:

Injury morphology

posterior ligamentous complex integrity

Patient neurology

Points are assigned to parameters in each of the major categories.



Thoracolumbar compression fracture - 1 point

Thoracolumbar burst fracture - 2 points

Translation-rotation spine injury - 3 points

distraction injury - 4 points

Posterior ligamentous complex

intact - 0 points

suspected injury or indeterminate - 2 points

injured - 3 points

Neurologic involvement

intact - 0 points

nerve root - 2 points

cord/conus medullaris (incomplete) - 3 points

cord/conus medullaris (complete) - 2 points

cauda equina syndrome- 3 points

see Thoracolumbar fracture surgery indications.

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