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Globus Medical

ALTERA® ALTERA® is an articulating expandable TLIF spacer designed to maximize the potential for restoring lordosis and maintaining sagittal balance while minimizing the challenges of insertion. The spacer is inserted at a minimized height, articulated into anterior position, and expanded to optimize fit. A CALIBER Globus CALIBER® CALIBER® is an innovative expandable lumbar fusion device that represents the future of MIS by optimizing endplate-to-endplate fit and minimizing insertion force. LATIS LATIS® LATIS® is an innovative expandable lumbar interbody fusion spacer providing an ALIF footprint through a TLIF approach. RISE RISE® RISE® is an all titanium expandable lumbar fusion device which minimizes insertion force, provides controlled distraction and optimizes endplate-to-endplate fit. SIGNATURE Globus SIGNATURE® SIGNATURE® is an articulating lumbar TLIF spacer made of PEEK radiolucent material that enables restoration of lumbar lordosis, and may be used through an MIS portal. Globus SUSTAIN Arch SUSTAIN® & SUSTAIN®-R, Arch SUSTAIN® Arch is a thoracolumbar intervertebral fusion device with a uniquely curved footprint to match patient anatomy in both PEEK radiolucent polymer and titanium.

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