Transchoroidal approach

This approach is used for lesions within or projecting into the third ventricle like diencephalic/mesencephalic cavernomas, thalamic gliomas, and other intraventricular tumors. This approach is ideal for lesions principally situated behind the Foramen of Monro (FM), while more anterior lesions are usually accessed through the trans-foraminal route.

The transchoroidal approach provides direct access to the lesion without stretching the foramen of Monro, thus avoiding fornix injury. The entry into the third ventricle can be achieved either through the trans-choroidal or the subchoroidal route, as first described in 1978 1).

see Interhemispheric Transcallosal Transchoroidal Approach.

Delandsheer JM, Guyot JF, Jomin M, Scherpereel B, Laine E (1978) Inter thalamo-trigonal approach to the third ventricle (author's transl). Neuro-Chirurgie 24:419–422
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