The transcriptome is the set of all RNA molecules in one cell or a population of cells. It is sometimes used to refer to all RNAs, or just mRNA, depending on the particular experiment. It differs from the exome in that it includes only those RNA molecules found in a specified cell population, and usually includes the amount or concentration of each RNA molecule in addition to the molecular identities.

Much effort has been devoted to the study of how events leading to aberrant RNA transcription regulation generate cancer transcriptomes 1).

Microglia have fundamental roles in health and disease; however, the effects of age, sex, and genetic factors on human microglia have not been fully explored. Patel et al. applied to bulk and single-cell approaches to comprehensively characterize human microglia transcriptomes and their associations with age, sex, and APOE. We identified a novel microglial signature and characterized its expression in bulk tissue and single-cell microglia transcriptomes. We discovered microglial co-expression network modules associated with age, sex, and APOE-ε4 that are enriched for lipid and carbohydrate metabolism genes. Integrated analyses of modules with single-cell transcriptomes revealed significant overlap between age-associated module genes and both pro-inflammatory and disease-associated microglial clusters. These modules and clusters harbor known neurodegenerative disease genes including APOE, PLCG2, and BIN1. Meta-analyses with published bulk and single-cell microglial datasets further supported our findings. Thus, these data represent a well-characterized human microglial transcriptome resource and highlight age, sex, and APOE-related microglial immunometabolism perturbations with potential relevance in neurodegeneration 2)

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