Tumor progression is the third and last phase in tumor development. This phase is characterised by increased growth speed and invasiveness of the tumor cells. As a result of the progression, phenotypical changes occur. Together with the progression, more and more aneuploidy occurs. This leads to expression in cell and nuclear polymorphism.

The accurate determination of progression is important not only for the individual care of each patient but also for correct enrollment in clinical trials investigating salvage treatment and reporting results of trials investigating initial treatment. While overall survival is generally the most well-established outcome of oncologic clinical trials, time to progression, progression free survival, and progression free survival at 6 months are becoming more reasonable endpoints in evaluating brain tumor response 1) 2).

An increase in FLAIR signal of the fluid within the resection cavity might be a highly specific and early sign of local tumor recurrence/tumor progression also for brain metastases. 3).

see Time to progression.

see Pseudoprogression.

see Periictal pseudoprogression.

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