Tumor resection

The removal of a tumor.

Optimal resection of tumors in eloquent locations requires a combination of intraoperative imaging and functional monitoring during surgery.

Primary resection

Microsurgical resection

Incomplete resection is a risk factor for decreased survival in gliomas.

See Extent of resection

Before the general use of post-operative scanning, intraoperative estimation by the neurosurgeon was used to determine partial resection, subtotal resection, or total resection. The only study that compared this estimation with the presence of residual tumor mass on an MR image, dates back to 1994 1).

Albert FK, Forsting M, Sartor K, Adams HP, Kunze S (1994) Early postoperative magnetic resonance imaging after resection of malignant glioma: objective evaluation of residual tumor and its influence on regrowth and prognosis. Neurosurgery 34:45–60 discussion 60- 41
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