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Children's National Medical Center

George Washington University Hospital

Department of Neurosurgery, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

University of Washington Medical Center (Seattle). The Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center is a major contributor to clinical research in the field and one of the largest funding recipients from the National Institutes for Health. The institution is actively engaged in studying concussion treatments for veterans, computer-assisted brain function recovery after injury and treatments for tumors and aneurysms. U.S. News & World Report placed UW Medical Center's neurosurgery program 16th in the country.

Clinical neurosurgery has been practiced in the US capital for just over 100 years. As former residents and fellows of Drs. Harvey Cushing and Walter Dandy moved to the region, hospitals at Georgetown and George Washington Universities became early adopters of this new surgical discipline. Later academic neurosurgery programs were established at the National Institutes of Health, Walter Reed Medical Center, and Children's National Medical Center. Neurosurgical pioneers at these institutions developed new technologies and diagnostic procedures which continue to inform our current practice. In addition, continued collaboration between the multiple training sites in Washington, DC has uniquely enriched our residents' training experience 1).

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