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Wiki History in Medicine


Wikipedia concept, which has developed as a result of the open-source software model using free (wiki) software ( The essential features are a revision control system, unrestricted editing of articles on the wiki by any registered member, unrestricted membership of the wiki, and the ability to fork articles (or see current versions at the same time). In addition, no copies are deleted and the newer versions of an article comprise the original article with all additions made cumulatively. 1).


The Medical Informatics communities should consider a more systematic use of these techniques for disseminating knowledge about the specialty for the public as well as for internal and educational purposes 2).

Maier et al. developed WikiGene, a Wiki-based curation tool that allows revision of the data by expert users over the Internet. LitMiner ( and WikiGene ( can be used unrestricted with any Internet browser 3).

These tools enable the team members to share knowledge simply and quickly-the collective knowledge base of the group can be efficiently managed and navigated 4).

BioLingua is an interactive, web-based programming environment that enables biologists to analyze biological systems by combining knowledge and data through direct end-user programming 5).

Do your students wiki? 6).

Wiki's wild world 7).

Internet encyclopaedias go head to head 8).


The server ( provides the electron crystallography community with a central information exchange platform, which is structured in blog and Wiki form, allowing visitors to add comments or discussions. It currently offers a detailed step-by-step introduction to image processing with the MRC software program. The server is also a repository for the 2dx software package, a user-friendly image processing system for 2D membrane protein crystals 9).

The gene finding server is accessible via The server software is available with the GenDB genome annotation system (version 2.2.1 onwards) under the GNU general public license. The software can be downloaded from More information on installing GenDB and REGANOR and the system requirements can be found on the GenDB project page 10).

Wiki and other ways to share learning online 11).

Gene and protein nomenclature in public databases 12).

Wiki ware could harness the Internet for science 13).

Gene-function wiki would let biologists pool worldwide resources 14).


Desai et al. described the pilot use of an enterprise wiki solution to facilitate group communication, secure file sharing, and collaborative writing within a pediatric hospital and research center. We discuss the choice of software, examples of use, and initial user feedback. We conclude that a wiki is a low-cost and high-yield approach to enhance research collaboration 15).

Catalyzing chemical bonding–the WIKI way 16).

TABASCO: A single molecule, base-pair resolved gene expression simulator 17).

Mass spectrometry and Web 2.0 18)

Stochastic simulation GUI for biochemical networks 19).

BioPP: a tool for web-publication of biological networks 20).

Globus MEDICUS - federation of DICOM medical imaging devices into healthcare Grids 21).

Other riffs on cooperation are already showing how well a wiki could work 22).

Key biology databases go wiki 23).

Legal pathways for cross-border research: building a legal platform for biomedical academia 24).

Genome re-annotation: a wiki solution? 25).

SNP2NMD: a database of human single nucleotide polymorphisms causing nonsense-mediated mRNA decay 26).


An explorative learning approach to teaching clinical anatomy using student generated content 27).

Balancing entrepreneurship and business practices for e-collaboration: responsible information sharing in academic research 28).

The RNA WikiProject: community annotation of RNA families 29).

Using a wiki to meet graduate nursing education competencies in collaboration and community health 30).

Putting wikis to work in libraries 31).

Search extension transforms Wiki into a relational system: a case for flavonoid metabolite database 32).

Big data: open-source format needed to aid wiki collaboration 33).

A new, dynamic resource for both students and teachers of family medicine: the Family Medicine Research wiki at FMDRL 34).

TRANSDAB Wiki database 35).

A wiki for the life sciences where authorship matters 36).

BioJava: an open-source framework for bioinformatics 37).

The medical matters wiki: building a library Web site 2.0 38). case-based orthopaedic Wiki project in China 39).

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Wiki is a web page whose content can be edited in real time using a web browser.

Wiki technology offers a number of potential benefits for administrators, students and instructors, including the ability to share information online, to construct knowledge together, to facilitate collaboration and to enable social learning and peer feedback.

Rasmussen et al. believed that with proper planning and instructional design, wiki technology can be usefully employed in medical education. Theuy intended to continue to study the impact of wiki technology in there own programme, and encouraged others to evaluate the application of wiki technology in other areas of medical education.

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