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World Neurosurgery

World Neurosurgery is a bimonthly peer reviewed medical journal that was established in 1973 as Surgical Neurology before obtaining its current name in 2010. It is published by Elsevier and is the official journal of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.

Impact Factor: 2.685

Country of Publication: United States


Progress in neurosurgery has paralleled advances in lesion localization and imaging technologies. WORLD NEUROSURGERY is launching a new section to convey the nuances of our specialty through imagery: Communicating Through Clinical Images. This is also a conduit by which neurosurgeons worldwide may communicate exciting discovery and experience through a common language (i.e., captivating clinical images).We thus encourage the submission of images or videos from cases that portray interesting, engaging,and somewhat rare depiction of neurosurgical disease.

Submission criteria for Communicating Through Clinical Images:  Text: One electronic document, double spaced  Title: Should be clear and concise  Authors: No more than 3 authors, with name, highest academic degree, affiliations, address, and e-mail for each  Figure legend: Should contain no more than 150 words and include relevant patient history/physical examination, clinical course and response to treatment, and, if applicable, condition at follow-up In the words of Dr. Sutherland, “It is hoped that this section will become an excellent medium by which all neurosurgeons could express their observations and discoveries through a pictorial medium.” Case reports are finding their way to publication with everdecreasing frequency. This new outlet facilitates the use of both economy of words (i.e., brevity) and clinically striking imagery to convey what previously may have been lost by the wayside via the standard case report route. Hence Communicating Through Clinical Imagery provides a new and unique outlet for transmitting clinically relevant information in a compacted and concise manner.


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