Wouter van Furth, MD, PhD, graduated in clinical psychology and medicine (cum laude). After his neurosurgical training in the AMC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he did a two year fellow ship in Skull Base Surgery in Toronto, Canada. He has started his skull base practice back in the AMC in 2001, which is now his primary clinical activity. Together with Dr. Christos Georgalas he initiated ESA, the Endoscopic Skull Base Centre, Amsterdam (www.endoskull.nl), a multi disciplinary center involving all 3 university hospitals of Amsterdam; the AMC, Vrij Universiteit Medical Center and National Cancer Institute. Pituitary tumors and other skull base tumors are the focus of ESA, and has become one of the biggest centers for these tumors in the Netherlands. Research is also focused on oncology with over 40 peer-reviewed publications. He is a member of all the major neurosurgical societies and a board member of the Dutch Society of Neurosurgery. In this role he has initiated and implemented a national quality registry for complex neurosurgical cases. He believes that to improve quality of care, we have to register patient outcomes, subspecialize and work multidisciplinary when possible.

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