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The term zygoma generally refers to the zygomatic bone, a bone of the human skull commonly referred to as the cheekbone or malar bone, but it may also refer to:

The zygomatic arch, a structure in the human skull formed primarily by parts of the zygomatic bone and the temporal bone

The zygomatic process, a bony protrusion of the human skull, mostly composed of the zygomatic bone but also contributed to by the frontal bone, temporal bone, and maxilla.

(cheekbone, malar bone) is a paired bone which articulates with the maxilla, the temporal bone, the sphenoid bone and the frontal bone. It is situated at the upper and lateral part of the face and forms the prominence of the cheek, part of the lateral wall and floor of the orbit, and parts of the temporal and infratemporal fossa. It presents a malar and a temporal surface; three processes, the frontosphenoidal, orbital, maxillary, and temporal; and four borders.

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